Dear team Kings,

As Parents we always long for perfection for our children, perfection does not only refer to the final product it starts from the beginning. Trust in institutions does not grow all of a sudden, especially for someone who joins their child for high school. And I trusted Kings for the reasons below

First, we wanted a school where children would be respected for who they are. We wanted a school which would respect and be happy with their children. As I mentioned, my trust in kings also started as a weak seedling which has grown into a rooted plant only by the greater interaction with the management.

The academics were excellent, but even better were the character of the staffs and the heads. They brought up my child for the best. And I’m looking forward to more and more improvement as a Kings family member. We feel satisfied and great, to have joined our child here and to have enjoyed our child’s happiness along with you.

Mrs.Sheeba Sheik
Parent of Alshima Shaffia[Class 10]

My journey in kings have been a roller-coaster ride all along and it has been fun . I remember when I first joined this school I was a complete foreigner as I was a total stranger to this land , language and their culture . Ever since then Kings school has enlighten my world with theirs. This school has always been in my support through my good and bad times . They have been helping me balance both my academics and sports life . Kings school is the perfect place to be . They help you show in what you might be interested in when you are completely out of hope and endeavor life .
They have various activities and classes to keep us all busy and not to stress out from studies . All the teachers and the staff here have been very friendly and very supportive that you don’t feel any strings attached. I feel grateful and happy about joining Kings school and is surely a decision I wont regret .
Thank you Kings !


Nijas Nahas
Class:  XII

Kings school is not only a great school to learn and become a better person, but also to discover yourself.  I entered Kings school in my 9th grade.  Justas every other good school, Kings school provides good education .But it also provides other extra-curricular   activities like swimming, dance, singing, music, art, etc.  The best part of it is that all these activities are available for all classes .There are many schools which have all these activities, but most of them do not promote the participation of students or stop these activities at grade 8.

Kings school provides a platform to prepare and train ourselves for University exams related to dance and Grade exams related to music. It also provides us opportunity to participate in a lot of external competitions.

The school also provides us with teachers who help discover our skills and talents. Teachers discover our talents and let us participate in related activities. I feel lucky to study in such a wonderful school and be a part of kings family.

Joshikha Rose J.C.
Class:  XII

What we like about Kings is that the school have this play based learning that makes our son  happy to go to school. The teacher of Kings are very concern , and show a lot of attentions and interactions to every children in school. Kings school team takes much effort & creativity to conduct all the events so far we witnessed for the past 2 years. These events  show how the school engages  children not only in studies but also makes sure that each & every child take part in extracurricular activities as well.

Even so during this Corona pandemic for the current academic year, we can see how much efforts the school has made to teach children through online classes… 

Dr.Yamini M
Mother of Anirudh Shankar A [Class I]

It gives us immense Joy to look back at our journey with Kings School.

Our first day at Kings School, as our daughter C.B.Shreenidhi joined L.K.G is still etched evergreen in our mind. Anybody who steps into the campus for the first time is sure to be awestruck by the beautiful garden and infrastructure. The smile with which teachers welcomed her, fun filled day to day activities reflected in her eagerness to board the bright yellow School bus daily to school.

We consider Kings School as an asset to children of this region, as it provides holistic approach to the concept of Education. Well planned academic Schedule, lot of sporting and extracurricular activities, project for student and not for parents, useful field trips, festival celebration with involvement of maximum number of students, updating with latest development, be it starting CBSE Syllabus, NEET/JEE coaching or online classes are some of the hallmarks of Kings School.

As parents, we are happy to be part of Kings Family and looking forward for many more years of association & fond memories with Kings School.

Parents of C.B. Shreenidhi Class VIII