The school has excellently well-maintained twin basketball grounds providing practice for aspiring players to reach their full potential in the game. The ground is well lit so that practices and matches can take place even after the evening. Over the years the schools have maintained an excellent record in the game winning several national level trophies.


Athletics includes all the well-recognised events like running, hurdles, long jump, shot-put and disc throw. Students are taken to national and state level competitions.


We have a swimming pool large enough to conduct national level competitions with qualified coaches. Each year students have participated in many national and state level competitions and have brought laurels to the school.


For the fans and lovers of cricket the school provides a dedicated ground with a special coach for training and practice.


The most beloved sports of most people has been given a special place in the school with two grounds providing the students the opportunity to enjoy their favourite game with enthusiasm.


As every other sports in the school volleyball is also given an exclusive ground for coaching and training the students for special competitions and tournaments.

Beach Volleyball

A special ground is dedicated for beach volleyball. The beach volleyball ground is designed and maintained perfect for conducting national level competitions.


We have an exclusive pitch for hockey – the national game of India. Special trainings are given to students. The school hockey team has won in many district and zonal level competitions over the years.

Roller Skating

A roller-skating rink is available for the students with a trained coach to take practice and take part in exciting roller-skating competitions.


A special tennis court is available for students who wish to practice and develop their skills in the game.