Junior Red Cross

While the acts of keeping the environment clean is done by Scout and Guide the Junior Red Cross teaches the students on how to provide medical services to those who are in need. The students are taught the fundamentals of providing medical services to people in poor and rural communities.


Scouts & Guides

Scout and Guide is the next step where the students are trained to inspire everyone through acts of community service. Children are taught the importance of keeping the surrounding and community clean and being ready to provide service for the elderly, the poor and the needy. Apart from communal services students are taught the basics of gardening and agriculture along with some survival skills.


Cubs & Bulbul

Cubs and Bulbuls is the stepping stone for the journey towards Scout & Guide and Junior Red Cross. It begins with teaching the students the most basic and the necessary soft skills that would come along with them throughout their life. Also, the club focuses on introducing basic householder skills.


Tamil Literary

Tamil Literary Club aims to make the children aware of the history and importance of our mother tongue. The club includes various activities to inspire the students about the glory of the Tamil language.

English Literary

English Literary Clubs motivates and encourages the children on the importance of developing the habit of reading English books. It also provides platform for the children to develop their oratory skills and acting skills. Children are often made to engage in thought-provoking debates and dramas instilling moral values in children.


Quiz club aims in updating the children with the latest happenings and current affairs of the world. Teachers also prepare student for any competitions which involves quiz.

Rapid Maths

One of the most important and demanding skills in today’s competitive world. The club aims in developing this skill at the earliest among children thus opening a new channel in the learning process. The children are made to be more analytic and reasonable when providing solutions.

Spell Bee

Spell Bee is one of the exciting clubs where children are taught lots on interesting things about letters, words and spellings. A wide range of activities are involved in spelling club. Students are made to understand the structure of the English spellings, their etymology and many interesting words in the dictionary.


It is true that pictures speak more than words. So, it very important to learn how to produce pictures that speak and convey impactful messages. The art of photography is taught to students who wish to give a new perspective and outlook on what is seen every day.


Philately Club identifies the hobby of stamp collecting and turns it into a medium for learning the history and culture of various countries around the world. Students are given details on the special aspects of stamp collecting hobby.