Creative Curriculum

The school is committed to the total development of students’ minds, hearts, and bodies. Yet, first and foremost, we work diligently to maintain a reputation for academic excellence. The school’s curriculum is built on the foundations of creativity and experiential learning. The school provides all the facilities to aid learners of different learning styles to develop skills that are necessary to compete in this modern world.

Our academic program is organised around four academic divisions – Montessori (their year in Kindergarten), Junior School (Classes 1 – 5), Middle School (Classes 6 – 8), Secondary (Classes 9 – 10) and Higher Secondary (Classes 11-12). The faculty, staff, and directors of the school provide a strong continuum of education in a culture that supports students through transitions between divisions and for new students.

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Learning & Teaching

We do not limit creativity to music, art and dance. It is extended well beyond the other parts of curriculum by our teachers. Teaching is done in ways students apply the lessons in real life. Each classroom has smart board installed to satisfy the curiosity of the learners and enhance their learning process. The school has the lowest student-teacher ratio to give individual care and attention to all the students.

Online Learning

We firmly believe that the learning process should not be hindered by any means. So, to facilitate learning during unexpected holidays and in times of any crisis the school has implemented e-learning. The school has special studios for delivering online classes. The classes will be conducted in the form of web conferencing simulating a physical classroom. Students may participate and raise questions as they would in regular classroom teaching.

Spoken English

Every year students and teachers from the Hockerill Anglo-European College, visit the school to make the children get more comfortable, fluent and spontaneous with the English language. Spoken English is strengthened for the children through teaching, special competitions focusing on the language and by encouraging the students through literary club and reading activities.

Partnership With Parents

A successful education could be imparted only with a strong partnership with parents. We encourage parents to talk to us about their children whenever necessary and we very much appreciate the support parents offer. In addition, we urge parents to communicate any issues that may arise as we work together for the benefit of the pupils.


“Books – the key to unlock your mind”. Our library contains a book for everyone’s taste and liking with over 7000 books. The library is open to all pupils and periods are allotted for students to visit the library. The library also provides e-content for students reading and learning purposes.