Senior Boys Boarding

Students of standard VI – XII are the inmates of the senior boarding. An experienced, friendly and courteous Housemaster takes care of the students. 

Junior Boys Boarding

Kings junior boarding is situated adjacent  to the senior boarding with all the facilities of the senior boarding. Students of Class III-V stay here and they are nurtured by trained matrons along with the Housemaster. They are given emotional support and guidance to walk on the correct path.

Girls Boarding

Kings girls boarding aims at the vision to empower girls with confident, creative and with a voice and spirit that will make a difference to the world we live in.

It has been designed to provide comfortable, safe, inclusive and secure. It provides opportunities to form lasting friendships and make them happy. It develops stronger interpersonal and communicative skills, engage in campus leadership, organizations and activities. The children of the boarding are looked after by the full time Housemistress.

Dining Hall

There is a sumptuous and hospitable dinning hall with trained chef and a team, providing a wholesome, nutritious and balanced diet. Students are served with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and  lavish snacks. The dinning hall is hygienically operated adhere to the prescribed food standards.

Sick Bay

The boarding students’ health is periodically checked by our trained in-house nurse. Immediate medical attention is given to students in case they sustain an injury or fall sick. The boarders will also be given regular counselling on maintaining proper health and hygiene. Visiting doctors are made to visit the campus for general check-ups on boarders’ health.