Think Rooms

Think Rooms are more than traditional class rooms. They are equipped with all the basic necessities. Each classroom has a regular board and a smart board to quench the curiosity of the learners. Also special racks are made available for the students to keep their textbooks, notebooks and other school belongings.

IT Lab

The IT Lab is designed with the updated technologies to meet the modern need of the students in the field of information technology. Individual PCs are available for each student to practice, workout and execute his ideas.

Physics Lab

The Physics Lab contains all the lab materials ranging from the tiniest screw gauge to advanced tools like telescopes that would aid in experiential learning.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab provides a wide range of facilities and resources. The lab contains the basic salts and acids along with the tools necessary for conducting chemical experiments. The lab meets all the safety requirements and also provides the necessary safety tools for the students while carrying out experiments.

Biology Lab

We firmly believe that the learning process should not be hindered by any means. So, to facilitate learning during unexpected holidays and in times of any crisis the school has implemented e-learning. The school has special studios for delivering online classes. The classes will be conducted in the form of web conferencing simulating a physical classroom. Students may participate and raise questions as they would in regular classroom teaching.

Maths Lab

For the tiny tots to understand the language of the Maths lab teaches the arithmetic language through fun activities. The Maths Lab also provides the tools essential for learning higher level mathematics.

E-Learning Studio

A special studio has been set up to aid the teachers and students to continue teaching-learning process without any interruptions. The studio has been designed to help the teachers conduct online classes simulating a virtual classroom.


The school has a vast library with over 7000 books, magazines and journals. The library gives the students a spacious and quiet reading atmosphere. E-book facility is also available for the students and the library also lets you borrow a wide range of media content for learning.

Smart Board

To make the teaching process more dynamic each class provides a smartboard to the students to explore the world far and beyond. Smartboards cater to the needs of the different learning styles of the students. It gives the students different perspectives while learning.